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Thursday 06 May 2021


The Ceram Negar tile company was established in the year 1371 by Iranian and Spanish specialists in Kaveh industrial city. This company started up its activity by utilizing experienced experts and with advantage of modern Spain technology in the field of third Tile baking and production of decorative tiles and quickly turned into one of the biggest country`s production unit in the field of third Tile baking. After few years of producing quality products and with the provision of preparations for development and purchase of best Italian machines began to produce twice baked tiles in 1391, The Ceram Negar Tile Company excreted to change its procedure and technology in order to provide more quality and elegant products for its customers. Also considering the provision of the development plan in this year (1398) and according to customer requests, acted out to develop production capacity Such a way that after implementation of the development plan ,the company nominal capacity doubled.

Now the products of the company are exported in addition to the domestic supply to neighboring countries Through continuous efforts by its experts, the company has always been committed to increasing the quality and respect of consumer rights as well as developing its export markets, So that it can play a role in the development of our busyness and honor for our beloved Iran.

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